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Youth Groups Plant Trees in Antigua & Barbuda

Youth Groups Plant Trees in Antigua & Barbuda

“In recognition of Arbour Month 2020 and International Soil Day, the Honourable Samantha Marshall was happy to join forces with youth ambassadors Mr. Lyle Jackson and Mr. Guishonne Powell, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Caribbean Tree Planting Project Antigua and Barbuda, in planting fruit and palm trees at the S. R. Olivia David Primary, Urlings Primary and the St. Mary’s School of Excellence.

Youth Groups Plant Trees in Antigua & Barbuda

The National Youth Ambassadors Corp of Antigua & Barbuda earlier this year launched the “Caribbean Tree Planting Project Antigua and Barbuda” which forms part of the Regional Tree Planting Initiative by the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance (CariPhil Alliance), to plant one million trees regionally, with Antigua and Barbuda being tasked with planting 20,000.

Antigua and Barbuda were the first CARICOM territory to launch their project and has since then planted several hundred trees around the island. Planting projects have since been carried out at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Christ the King High School, Antigua Girls High School, Victory Centre, and the Police Headquarters to name a few.

This project is a joint effort of the Youth, Government and Private Sector to engage our Youth in encouraging them to plant and maintain trees, as well as, changing their attitude towards the importance of trees, and to foster the mindset of promoting environmental conservation and promotion.

Youth Groups Plant Trees in Antigua & Barbuda

Each School was presented with Palm, Guava, Raspberry, Mango, Soursop, and Sugar Apple Trees which will aid in reducing hunger, and enhancing food and nutrition security, and sensitizing our children on the importance of growing and eating local.

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The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Barbuda Affairs, recognizes that agriculture has become vitally important for the sustainable growth of our nation, and as such we must encourage our youth and citizens on the benefits our local fruits and vegetables provide in our everyday lives.”

[This article was originally published at Antigua News Room and is reproduced without any modifications except the headline and picture may have been reworked by ApaNa staff.]


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