WildDominique, a local nonprofit organisation, is tackling the plastic pollution problem in Dominica which has the potential to create an environmental disaster in the country. It is negatively impacting livelihoods in the fishing, tourism and farming sectors and, the environment through coral reef damage and bio-accumulation.

#WildDominique advocates for the protection of Dominica’s coastal and marine resources through advocacy outreach actions such as clean-up campaigns and upcycling exhibitions to showcase repurposed trash turned to art.

In December 2019, it was awarded a small grant from CANARI’s Caribbean Sea Innovation Fund (CarSIF) to implement a project to curb the rise in coastal pollution. The project’s activities are focused on targeted advocacy and outreach in the major fishing communities of Pottersville, Marigot and Portsmouth to raise awareness on the impact of plastic pollution and the link between life on land and life underwater. This includes educational billboards, school visits and engagement of the community in the creation of outreach materials such as school activity books. This project is currently being implemented until December 2020.

CANARI established Caribbean Sea Innovation Fund (CarSIF) facility to address priority needs and actions in the Caribbean on marine and coastal resources governance and management..The small grants are a key component of the regional three-year project, “Powering Innovations in Civil Society and Enterprises for Sustainability” #PISCES in the Caribbean which is being funded by the European Union

Wild Dominique is a nonprofit organisation supports and promotes sound conservation practices through education, community engagement, research, species preservation and policy advocacy in Dominica.

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