Issue 3 August 2020

Featured Articles

Coral Reefs in Barbados and Beyond

Caribbean Coral Reefs The Caribbean is home to nine percent of the world’s coral reefs. They extend across thirty-eight countries from Florida to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Eastern and Southern Caribbean to the north-eastern coast of South America. They protect coastlines from storms and erosion and are valuable habitats for fish and other animals. Many people…

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Technology is Disrupting Future Work With New Opportunities for Youth in the Caribbean

Increasing Automation and Digitization During the lockdown, businesses and consumers increasingly realised that they needed to embrace technology and digital solutions and were even excited to do so. Digital solution providers launched new software, redesigned current platforms and on-the-ground collaboration. They reported increasing demand and traffic to their platforms while sales and other business were…

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Coral Reef Restoration Alliance: Protecting Coral Reefs in Barbados

Interview with Susan Mahon, President, Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL), Barbados.

Mahon is an Environmental Scientist and Sustainability Consultant and the former Academic and Managing Director of Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University and, former Managing Director for Harrisons Cave in Barbados. She lectures in Geography, Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Law.

Susan Mahon, Trustee and President of…

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COVID-19: Emerging Business Patterns

To be viable, companies need to synergise their online and offline capacities And Incorporate changing demand trends into their future course of action. Post-COVID-19, some businesses are aware that capacity constraints will hit consumption and that, they must learn to do more with less. They must weave those insights into their future course of actions…

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Learning from Nature to Build Resilience in Business

COVID-19 has reinforced the need to be resilient and agile. the supply chain is like nature’s complex system of interdependence, adaptability and efficiency. I remember my first bee sting. I also remember the delicious honey and biting into that scrumptious honeycomb. My grandfather loved beekeeping. As I watched him tending their hives – at a…

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Ultra-Processed Foods: Cheap, Attractive and Convenient But At What Cost?

By Michele-Lauren Hackshaw As the world advances, the demand for sustenance increases. People live busier yet sedentary lifestyles than usual with less time to cook homemade meals. This has led to the amplified consumption of ultra-processed foods which are easily found at fast-food restaurants, in gas stations and mini-marts. It has taken over our shopping…

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Garden-in-a-Sack: Benefits and How to Build Your Own

‘Garden-in-a-sack’ has brought food security and extra cash to poor and vulnerable families in densely populated areas where land and space are limited. The ‘garden-in-the-sack’ concept is not a new one. This urban agriculture solution became popular in Nairobi, Kenya over fifteen years ago when NGOs such as Solidarites International implemented community projects to tackle…

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Is the Pandemic Panic Over?

MOVING ON WITH CAUTION, OR NOT? Some people believe that the pandemic of doom has erupted as a panic of politicians and see the crisis as a comedy of errors. Perhaps, but hindsight is 20:20 vision. Many thought that flattening the curve was a fool’s errand that widened the damage but others will argue that…

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