ITC’s Strategic Plan 2022–2025 outlines our vision to help create a world where trade builds inclusive, sustainable and prosperous economies, one where the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic creates resilience and ensures a green transition. It lays out a medium-term roadmap to support accelerated implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through trade-related development assistance targeted at enhancing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in developing countries and economies in transition.

In 2024, ITC will celebrate 60 years of existence. During these decades, the world economy has transformed beyond recognition. This Strategic Plan is built on the premise that in the present global environment, MSME competitiveness is more important and relevant than ever to reduce poverty, generate employment and ensure a sustainable future. It remains anchored in the principle that trade is an extremely potent vehicle to better lives.

The plan is ambitious in the change it aims to create through ITC’s core services, which have been nurtured over the lifetime of the organization and offer tailored solutions for our clients. Based on our understanding of the drivers that will shape the trade development landscape, the strategy focuses on five impact areas where we can fully exploit our technical expertise for maximum and durable impact. Our operational priorities are set out to ensure that the plan is efficiently and effectively implemented to achieve our goal of contributing to people, the planet and prosperity, supported by peace and partnerships.  

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Strategic Plan 2022-2025 English – French – Spanish

Strategic Plan 2018-2021 English – French – Spanish
Strategic Plan 2015-2017 English – French – Spanish
Strategic Plan 2012-2015 English – French –  Spanish

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