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Beware of Scammers Posing As WhatsApp to Steal Your Account

[FE] A new WhatsApp scam has arisen in which an account claiming to be an official point of contact for WhatsApp’s technical staff is asking users to share their verification keys. To persuade users, the account uses a WhatsApp logo as its profile image. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that WhatsApp teams do not use the messaging app to connect with customers and instead use social media platforms to submit public updates, like Facebook or the company’s official site.

WABetaInfo which keeps an eye on WhatsApp and its features posted a tweet to highlight the new scam after Dario Navarro, a Twitter user, asked about a fishy message the users sent. As per a Navarro-shared screenshot, the scammer sends a Spanish-language message asking users to verify their identity by sending their six-digit verification code that comes in an SMS message. The authentication code is used to turn on a new computer to trigger a WhatsApp account. It’s designed to protect user accounts from bad actors on the messaging app.

Notably, WhatsApp does not contact users on the app, and even in a rare situation, there will be a green checked symbol alongside the logo and account name. It’s also important to remember that the company owned by Facebook is not asking users to share any of their data, including authentication codes.

It is not the first time a fraud has arisen, in which users are asked to provide their codes of verification. It’s not new to hijacking WhatsApp accounts by acquiring the verification code. Some hackers tried to take advantage of extra use WhatsApp amid pandemic and they are trying to get authentication codes from WhatsApp users by messaging victims and impersonating as their friends

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