ApaNa Magazine is a specialized regional publication for sustainability and social engagement with a specific focus on the Caribbean.  ApaNa covers current topics on leadership, corporate social responsibility, business, cause-related marketing and sustainability trends and issues, expert opinion and perspectives and personal stories of beneficiaries of philanthropy and charity.  Read More 

Issue 1 / DECEMBER 2019

Towards A Circular Economy: Beyond Recycling

ApaNa Magazine is dedicated to promoting sustainability, responsible business and social engagement in the Caribbean. 

The first issue of ApaNa magazine covers various major themes and trends to familiarize readers with key concepts that will be useful for future readings. We included interviews and stories from people and organisations to provide an overview of what is happening in protecting our environment, sustainable business, corporate philanthropy and good works in the Caribbean. 

The following issues will provide more in-depth reviews, expert insights, research and case studies pertaining to developments at the local, regional and international levels.