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Caribbean Tree Planting Ambassador Programme Launch on January 10

The Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance (CARIPHILALLIANCE) is launching the Caribbean’s first Tree Planting Ambassador Programme in the Caribbean on 10 January 2021. The programme seeks to empower at least 10,000 young Caribbean leaders to take climate action by planting trees and encouraging others to do the same in their community.

The CariPhilAlliance Tree Planting Ambassador

Who is a CariPhilAlliance Tree Planting Ambassador?

A person who cares about the environment and community demonstrates leadership and, has experience and knowledge in growing trees and a social media account.

What does a CariPhilAlliance Tree Planting Ambassador do?

The ambassador leads tree planting initiatives to plant at least 100 trees in his or her community and country. He or she actively engage others on social media through weekly posts, shares etc and promotes the Caribbean Tree Planting Project through interviews, presentations etc. The ambassador must document work done on at least one community tree planting initiative undertaken.

Why should you become a CariPhilAlliance Tree Planting Ambassador?

You will positively impact your community and environment, have access to training, meet other young leaders in the Caribbean and the world, be highlighted in CTPP’s social media and have the opportunity to participate in future local, regional and international events.

How do I become a CariPhilAlliance Tree Planting Ambassador?

Plant at least ten trees then send in an application with evidence of your tree planting experience and two reference letters to

About the Caribbean Tree Planting Project

The Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance (CTPP) and its partners are implementing an ambitious project to protect the environment and livelihoods in the Caribbean.

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The CTPP aims to mobilise philanthropy, promote climate change awareness and foster collaboration among organisations, particularly youth organisations, to plant and maintain 1 million trees in the Caribbean by June 2021.

The Regional Tree Planting Action Team supports the National Planting Action Teams in 10-30 Caribbean countries. CariPhilAlliance will officially launch its Tree Ambassador Programme in January 2021 when Tree Planting Ambassadors and their team will plant trees in their community.

At least 10,000 Caribbean youth leaders will play a pivotal role in encouraging others to get involved. It is anticipated that 100,000 businesses, farmers, school children and others will participate in the project.


Youth Groups Plant Trees in Antigua & Barbuda(Opens in a new browser tab)


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